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bil färg o svartvit för skärm2

It marked the launch of both Ecoshine and a green revolution in the whole industry of vehicle care.

Our goal was to find a water-saving technology to clean cars without compromising on quality. In simple words – Clean with a Clean Conscience

However, in practice, saying it simply did not prove to be easy, but after a year of testing and grey hairs, we finally managed to combine the revolutionary steam technology with specially developed car care products and the combination was a success!

The immediate benefits

- 01

5 litres of water are consumed per car compared to approximately 200 litres of water at traditional high pressure

- 02

Tests demonstrate that paintwork pores are deep cleaned to a greater extent than when water washed

- 03

The products give the paint an extra “shine” even in the simplest washing program

- 04

The heat generated by the steam substitutes for the high consumption of harmful chemicals that would otherwise be involved in dissolving the dirt

- 05

Since the steam leaves no water residues in the car's different nooks and crannies, there is no run-off on the paintwork when the client drives away

In 2012, we had the opportunity to set up our first facility in Sickla Köpkvarter in Stockholm The new steam technology was first met with some scepticism from customers, but was quickly replaced by joy and admiration. Interest from both individuals and companies grew dramatically and the common denominator was that they finally had the opportunity to choose a sustainable alternative to wash their car. Clean with a Clean Conscience

Today there are 16 franchise units in Sweden, 5 in Greece and 2 in Germany. More countries are about to start in the near future.

The most exciting aspect is that we are witnessing a transformation in our industry in general, as steam technology has become an increasingly common alternative to water washing. We believe and hope that in the near future this will be the only approved approach for car cleaning.

We must take action in solidarity with the whole planet and not over-consume our most precious resource when sustainable alternatives exist. Clean with a Clean Conscience 

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