Maximize the life of the car and maintain the new car feeling

Extend the life of your car, prevent rust and wear with our eco-friendly car care services. We clean, care and maintain to give you that new car feeling.



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About us


Ecoshine is the first company in Scandinavia to combine the best techniques in car care while being environmentally friendly both in terms of water consumption and product range.

  • Water-efficient steam technology

    Our water-efficient steam technology not only dramatically reduces water consumption, it also makes a positive contribution to the environment.

  • Eco-friendly product range

    We choose products with low climate impact, always with a focus on environmental friendliness. Our business aims to work harmoniously with our planet, while minimizing our carbon footprint.

  • Updated with new technologies and products.

    We are constantly updated with the latest technologies and products to guarantee you the highest quality and efficiency.

  • 12

    years of experience

  • 32


  • 181

    Millions of liters of water saved

Ecoshine webbapplikation

Your car, your time, your choice

Book a car wash easily in our web application

Enjoy the simplicity of our web application. Book your car wash quickly and conveniently directly on your phone. Forget worries about opening hours or queues. With just a few clicks, choose the car wash that suits you best. Book via the Ecoshine web application now and experience our eco-friendly car wash.

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Med ett av Sveriges största lager kan vi erbjuda däck till alla bilar i alla priskategorier. Vi tar fram det förslag som är bäst lämpat för din körning och ekonomi. Innan vi släpper iväg dig är däcken testade, balanserade och kontrollerade.



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