Ecoshines Environmental policy

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Requirements for the company's environmental policy

The principles we have established include: written documentation, regular audits, adherence to good environmental management principles, compliance with laws and requirements, continuous improvement in environmental management, all employees having knowledge and understanding of these principles and a focus on the essential aspects mentioned below.

  • Environmental work

    We work to continuously improve our ongoing environmental work, and to monitor compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations.

  • Water consumption

    We will reduce water consumption, pollution, waste and use of natural resources in our work.

  • Staff

    Our staff should carry out their duties in a responsible manner with respect to the environment.

Core components

The foundation of our success

  • Our chemicals have good product descriptions

  • Provide easily accessible and clear dosing instructions. including aids for correct dosage

  • Actively spreading awareness of our environmental work and the environmental impact of our products in a transparent and objective way.

  • Choosing suppliers who strive to to provide goods and services that meet environmental criteria.

  • The company's environmental performance are on the agenda of board, management and staff meetings.

  • We will involve and continuous training of all employees in our environmental work.

  • Our environmental policy is known by all staff and also by the subcontractors we use for execution.